Jack and the Geniuses : At the Bottom of the World

Jack and the Geniuses : At the Bottom of the World

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Jack and his foster siblings, Ava and Matt, are orphans, but not your typical kind of orphans-they're geniuses. Well, Ava and Matt are, which sometimes makes life difficult for 12-year-old Jack. When the kids try to spy on Dr.

Hank Witherspoon, one of the world's leading scientists, they end up working for him in his incredible laboratory. Soon, Hank and the kids travel to Antarctica for a prestigious science competition, but they find that not all is as it seems: A fellow scientist has gone missing, and so has any trace of her research. Could someone be trying to use her research in order to win the contest? It's up to Jack, Ava, and Matt to find the missing scientist and discover who's behind it all before it's too late.

This book includes information about the science discussed and used to solve the mystery and offers projects kids can do at home or in the classroom.

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